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Global Missions

Before Jesus ascended into heaven, he gave his church a very clear set of marching orders.  Until he returns, we are to be working to proclaim the Gospel of salvation and making disciples of Jesus Christ.  The members of Third Avenue take those marching orders very seriously, and we want to be urgently about the mission that Jesus has given us.

We have identified five key cities of the world in which we have personal, highly-responsive relationships with missionaries and church planters.  That certainly includes financial support, but it also means that we are friends with those missionaries.  We stay in close contact with them, respond to unexpected needs and opportunities, and even send teams to visit them a couple of times a year.

By his grace, God has made Third Avenue an energetic missionary-sending church.  Every year, we celebrate and joyfully say farewell to families who are leaving for other parts of the world to take the gospel to the nations.  It's never easy to say goodbye to friends we have grown to love, but we do it because this is what we are about:  We want the nations to know and worship King Jesus.