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3ABC Pastoral Internship

The Bible tells us that if a man sets his heart on being an elder, he desires a noble task. For many in our congregation, the desire to be an elder is really a desire to spend a lifetime in vocational ministry, whether in missions or as a local church pastor. For others it is a desire to serve this church, Third Avenue Baptist, as a lay elder. We understand that part of our responsibility as a church is to train men for leadership in Christ's church, whether here in Louisville or in other places around the world.


Who is the Internship for?

The 3ABC Pastoral Internship is not just for men who are in seminary. It is for men who want to serve Jesus' church as elders, whether vocationally or as a lay elder. In order to be invited into the internship program, generally speaking you must:

1) BE A FAITHFUL MEMBER FOR A YEAR. Interns at 3ABC are men who have lived and served in the church long enough to know it well and love it deeply. In order to be considered, you must have been a faithfully, deeply serving member of the church for a least a year.

2) APPLY FOR THE PROGRAM. Click the link below, or speak to a pastor for a copy of the 3ABC Pastoral Internship Application.

3) INTERVIEW WITH THE CHURCH'S ELDERS. Spend an hour with a team of our elders discussing your gifts and calling to shepherd Christ's church.

*If you have applied in the past and would like to apply again, please check the box at the top of the application. You will only need to fill out any sections that have changed since you last applied.