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What To Expect on Sunday


We meet at 9:30 on Sunday mornings. Our courses are a series of informative, interactive, and challenging classes that are meant to help you in your Christian walk. Every Sunday we offer five tracks, each with a different focus.

1. Topical – These classes will cover topics varying from theologically deep to intensely practical. Whether you're taking a deep dive into theological waters or talking about how to walk together in the Christian life, come prepared with your mind ready and your Bibles open. Interaction is always welcome and a time for questions is usually provided. Right now we are going through a class on systematic theology.

2. Inductive Bible Study – This class moves slowly through particular books of the Bible, carefully unpacking the meaning of the Bible's words and applying them to our lives. If you enjoy looking carefully at the words of Genesis or John, Acts or Revelation, this could be a great class for you to attend. The class is currently moving through Matthew.

3. Line By Line – This class is a more traditional Bible study taught by Dr. Albert Mohler and Matt Smethurst. Each week Dr. Mohler or Matt will seek to explain the text of the Bible, one line at a time. The class is currently going through John or 1 Corinthians.

4. Third-in-Four Membership Class – This is a series of four classs that are meant to give you a friendly and informative introduction to Third Avenue Baptist Church. Taught by our pastors, Third-in-Four looks carefully at the church's Statement of Faith, Covenant, History, and the "Pastors' Vision." If you're interested in joining Third Avenue, we would ask that you attend all four of these classes. If you're not interested in joining Third Avenue, you're certainly welcome to attend, too! This would be a great way to get to know us a little better.

5. International Students and Scholars Class – Meant for those members and other friends for whom English is not a first language, this class spends time looking slowly and carefully at the songs we are planning to sing and the Scripture passages we are planning to read in the morning service. We also look through the pastor's sermon notes in an effort to define words, explain concepts, and hopefully make it a little easier for our international friends to understand and participate in the service.



Every Sunday morning we gather together as a church to worship our God through songs, prayer, and the reading and preaching of His Word.  While there are many different times and places at which our members gather for various reasons, this Sunday morning service is the main meeting of Third Avenue Baptist Church.  More than any other time, this is where we sit together under God's Word so that we may be mutually encouraged and challenged.

Our morning service begins at 10:45 and usually lasts about an hour and a half.  We'd love to see you there sometime, and we'd encourage you to plan on sticking around a few minutes after the service to meet a few people.  We're not a church that tends to leave quickly once the service is done!  We love to stay around for a while, talk, and get to know new people.



Every Sunday evening we gather together to close the day by singing together, hearing a short devotional from the Bible, and spending a good amount of time praying for one another.  These Sunday evening services are sweet times in the life of the church. Through them we share one another's burdens and sorrows, we rejoice with one another, we pray to our Lord, and we see - over and over again - how he answers our prayers and pours out his kindness on us.

Our evening service begins at 6pm and usually lasts a little over an hour. On the first Sunday of every month, we also celebrate the Lord's Supper together.

Sunday School   9:30am

Morning Worship  10:45am

Evening Worship  6:00pm