Greg Gilbert


Senior Pastor

Greg grew up in a wonderful Christian family, with two parents who love the Lord very much and made sure that he heard the good news of salvation at every opportunity.  At 9 years old, he professed faith in Christ as his Dad shared the gospel yet again and he was baptized shortly thereafter.  For the next few years, he grew as a Christian, still attending church, and then went to Yale University for undergrad studies.  Those were good years spiritually, mostly because he had to learn like never before how to defend his faith.  It was also during those years that the Lord began to call him to Christian ministry.  After Yale, Greg spent some time serving in a few different churches, went to seminary, got married to Moriah, and had three awesome kids: Justin, Jack, and Juliet. Greg was called to serve Third Avenue Baptist as the Senior Pastor in 2010.

Ben Birkholz


Associate Pastor

Ben had the privilege of growing up in a Christian home, where God used the godly example of his family to bring him to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. In September of ’99 Ben married his beautiful wife (highschool sweetheart!) Stephanie, and is father to three boys Samuel, Jacob and Luke. Ben and his family moved from Minnesota to Louisville in 2007. He spent four years serving on staff at a local homeless mission, and graduated from Southern Seminary before being called to Third Avenue as Associate Pastor in 2011.

Michael Carnicella


Director of Operations

John Evanko


Campus Director: Cardinal Christian Fellowship

John grew up in Paducah, KY and moved to Louisville in 2008 to begin school at the University of Louisville. He became a Christian during his freshman year of college and quickly developed a love for sharing the gospel with his friends on campus. After graduating in 2013 with a master’s degree in civil engineering, John came on staff as the director of Cardinal Christian Fellowship. In May of 2014, John married his lovely wife, Shannon. Both John and Shannon love U of L and are excited about the work God is doing through CCF.

Lisa Fang


Staff Intern

Lisa grew up in Vancouver, BC, Canada. God saved her in her final year of high school through a classmate’s faithful sharing of the gospel and the ministry of a local church. Lisa spent her college years at that church, learning what it meant to be a Christian, before leaving for law school in another city. When Lisa returned to Vancouver to begin her legal career, the same church diligently and faithfully challenged her growth in the Lord. During those years, God developed Lisa’s passion for evangelism, discipleship, and the great need for faithful gospel ministry among the unreached people groups of the world. With the encouragement of her home church, Lisa moved to Louisville in the summer of 2014 to attend Southern Seminary and to be equipped for faithfulness in future ministry.

Mitchell Holley


Pastoral Assistant

Mitchell comes to Louisville by way of the Milwaukee, WI. He realized his need for a savior and accepted Christ at an early age through the testimony of his church. Mitchell began attending church more regularly with his family and became actively involved in the ministries of the church. Eventually, Mitchell would attend college and join a small church planting endeavor outside of Milwaukee. At this church plant, Mitchell developed a passion for the local assembly and desire to see the Gospel proclaimed through the local church. Also, at this church Mitchell would meet his wife, Spencer. After much prayer, they decided to move to Louisville in 2015 so that Mitchell could pursue a M.Div. at Southern Seminary.

Sarah Parks


Campus Staff: Cardinal Christian Fellow

Sarah grew up regularly hearing the Gospel in her home and in her church, and came to an understanding of her sinfulness and the saving power of Jesus early in high school. After being raised as a desert child in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and going to school everyday on her camel, Rocket, Sarah moved to Raleigh, North Carolina to attend North Carolina State University and study art and design. There, she got involved in campus ministry and grew in her love for studying the Bible with other students. After graduating in May 2015, Sarah moved to Louisville to work with CCF. So far, she's found it very easy to come from one red school who hates a blue school to another red school who hates a different blue school, and is excited to continue to become a fervent Cardinal fan.